What Type of House Siding Should You Choose?

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Types of House Siding

A quick stroll through your local home improvement store can tell you that there are a lot of options out there for house siding.

At Professional Home Improvement, we take the guesswork out of trying to pick the best siding for your home. We have over 30 years of experience helping homeowners like you update their home’s curb appeal through quality service.

Below are some questions to consider when picking out the siding for your house:

  • How durable is the siding material?
  • How resistant will the material be to rain, snow, and other Michigan weather elements?
  • How waterproof is the material?
  • Will this go with my home’s exterior style?
  • Am I getting the most for my money?

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is typically the most inexpensive house siding for homeowners, making it a popular choice. Vinyl siding comes in many different colors and styles, which makes it easy to customize to your home’s desired aesthetic. If you are looking for a siding that requires minimal fuss, vinyl is probably the best option for you. Vinyl siding requires little maintenance and upkeep compared to other home siding options, such as wood.

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding is known for its durability, especially against the cold snaps common to West Michigan. If you choose aluminum siding, you also won’t have to worry about insects finding a way to bore into your home’s infrastructure. One downside to aluminum siding material is that many homeowners don’t like the way it looks up close compared to other siding materials. Despite this, aluminum siding is still a solid option, especially with its waterproof qualities.

Wood Siding

Commonly used for bungalows and cottages, wood siding material adds a certain rustic charm to the exterior of any home. While wood siding offers its own unique style, it also requires maintenance to keep it looking its best. Wood siding is often vulnerable to insect and rodent activity and will need occasional staining for added protection against the elements.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is a great choice for West Michigan homes because it is more resistant to cold weather patterns. Unlike vinyl siding options, fiber cement siding doesn’t get brittle when the temperatures drop. Fiber cement siding material is also resistant against mold if humidity is an issue for your home.

Shakes Siding

Shakes can be a wood siding alternative that still maintains that rustic aesthetic. Shakes siding is more durable against water and insect damage, making it the perfect choice for homeowners who have had similar issues in the past. While shakes siding material can be a great choice, keep in mind that it is also more expensive than vinyl siding. Always make sure you get the best deal for your money by buying quality siding materials that work with your budget.

New house siding can go a long way toward refreshing the look of a home. If you would like to take advantage of our West Michigan house siding services, please feel free to call our Grand Rapids office at 616-784-5700. At Professional Home Improvement, our home remodeling professionals strive to help homeowners realize the design potential in their home’s exterior through quality house siding. Request a quote today!