5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Siding Contractor

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Benefits of Home Siding Replacement

If your residential siding is loose, cracked, faded, or otherwise damaged, you may want to start considering the benefits of home siding replacement. Not only does siding installation improve the curb appeal of your home, but it can also help lower your utility bills. However, to ensure the best results, you will want to do your research to hire the best residential siding contractor for the job.

Below, we have provided a list of questions that can help determine if the contractor you’re talking to is the most qualified for the job.

Do you have worker’s compensation?

A responsible siding installation company will make sure worker’s compensation insurance protects their workers. Be sure to ask for proof of insurance before hiring a siding contractor. If an uninsured worker is hurt on the job, you could be liable for paying hospital expenses.

Can you add more insulation during siding replacement?

There is no better time to add more insulation to your home than during vinyl siding replacement. If you are interested in decreasing how much you pay for heating and cooling, ask your contractor if it would be possible for them to add more insulation when the old vinyl siding is removed. An experienced home siding contractor will be able to discuss different types of insulation that will work best for the space and their respective costs.

Do you offer guarantees or warranties?

A Grand Rapids siding contractor should be able to guarantee their work so that you can expect quality siding installation services. If you are interested in a warranty for your siding, be sure to do your homework and look into what’s required to use the home siding warranty.

Can you provide references for recent jobs?

Asking for references is important because it will help you form a picture of how the company currently operates. Make sure that the references they give you are recent and relevant to the kind of work you want done.

Sometimes the quality of work can decrease with management changes. This is why you need references from customers who recently had their home siding installed by your prospective siding contractor.

What brands and types of siding do you install?

A home siding installer should be able to give you a written estimate for the cost of labor and materials. The cost of siding installation should also anticipate the cost of unexpected delays and home insulation. Contractors are expected to be transparent about the siding brands and materials included in the estimate. That way, you can shop for a siding contractor who won’t cheap out on materials while charging you a high price.

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