Comprehensive Palette of Colors

Over time your house's siding can look weathered and gray. That dull color doesn't do your home any justice, especially when establishing curb appeal against the competition on your city block.

In the real estate game, potential home buyers make snap judgments about houses before they even walk through the door. Don't let your home pale in comparison to the others on the real estate market. At Professional Home Improvement, our home improvement contractors provide over 30 years of experience to helping make your home look its best.

We offer a comprehensive palette of over 200 colors from nationally advertised siding brands. At Professional Home Improvement, we provide enough variety so that you can achieve the design vision you have in mind.


Siding Materials

Our siding materials include:

  • Vinyl Siding
  • Aluminum Siding
  • Wood Siding
  • Cement Board Siding
  • Shake Siding

High-Quality Material Sidings

At Professional Home Improvement, we ensure that all of your home's siding is firmly attached to the exterior of your home. Call our team to evaluate and fix the issue if your siding becomes damaged. The undersides of your home can also become vulnerable to mold and rot if not maintained properly, which is why we provide soffit and fascia repair services to our clients. We only offer high-quality materials for our clients so that they can enjoy their home's exterior for as long as possible.

We can color coordinate your siding with other features such as roof and shutters. At Professional Home Improvement, our siding contractors do our best to protect the design integrity of your home. Nothing looks better than a color-coordinated home along a quiet residential street.

If you feel that your home's exterior could benefit from our siding installation and repair services, please contact our Comstock Park siding contractors at 616-784-5700. At Professional Home Improvement, our home improvement contractors are always happy to help our clients make their homes look their best.

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