5 Things to Think When Remodeling your Kitchen

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A kitchen is where you or your family will spend a great amount of time. An experienced kitchen designer will bring value to your home by designing a kitchen with high-quality products specifically customized to your kitchen space. We will provide you with more options and practical kitchen features.

When remodeling your kitchen with a design professional, you need to think about 5 things:

Cabinet Quality

Do you know that old saying, quality over quantity? Well, this is where you want to put quality over the cheaper price when choosing cabinets EVERY TIME. Some people will choose the lesser quality cabinets when redoing their kitchens and end up being disappointed in about 5 years because their kitchen cabinetry did not hold up or the layout did not function. If you chose cheaper cabinets the first time, you may spend more in the long term when you have to replace them again. If you plan accordingly when designing your home’s kitchen, you will have long-term value for the price you paid.

Good Planning, Quality Products, and Good Design Will End Up Saving You Money and Time

When remodeling your kitchen, hiring an experienced kitchen designer from the beginning who will get the project done correctly will guarantee that your kitchen remodeling plan stays on schedule and fits within your budget. Remodeling a kitchen is quite the process, with many design selections. With so many choices, it can be very easy to spend your budget improperly, but a kitchen expert will be able to take care of all the design details to help you stay within your set remodeling budget. A remodeled kitchen will offer the largest percentage of a return on your investment. Having an expert design a kitchen with the best products will save you money by not having to take the time to replace anything years later.

Create an Enjoyable Environment

A kitchen is not just about quality cabinetry, and it is about creating a great environment that will match your family’s lifestyle. The truth is, anyone can sell you cabinets, but only a great kitchen designer thinks about the many different details that will create an astonishing aesthetic that stays within your remodeling budget. Would you prefer your kitchen covered with boring boxes at a cheap price, or have the best use of the space in your kitchen designed in the most functional and beautiful way? Check out our remodeling services to view some of our completed kitchen remodel projects.

A Cabinet Salesperson is NOT the Same as a Kitchen Designer

You will make the biggest mistake if you skip design services for cheaper-priced cabinets through a salesperson. A kitchen designer will review your kitchen layout and not just look at how many cabinets you can fit into the space, they will also look at kitchen appliance options with you and help plan and prioritize a budget that fits your needs. A designer will ensure that all elements of your new kitchen will fit the best of their ability.

A professional designer stays with you throughout the entire project

A designer will manage all the details from the design and ordering phase through to the intricate process of delivery. Design service will reduce the stress of designing your kitchen by coordinating the delivery of all the materials purchased for your job.

Our kitchen remodeling team at Professional Home Improvement will provide a complete beginning-to-end experience and coordinate the labor schedule with cabinet deliveries for you or your contractor. Contact our Grand Rapids remodeling contractors at 616-784-5700. We will help you turn your dream kitchen into a reality!