What We Offer


Transform your house into the home of your dreams. Have you been itching to make substantial changes to your West Michigan home? We have a reputation in West Michigan for our remodeling excellence.

Kitchen Remodeling

At Professional Home Improvement, we are qualified to handle a wide variety of services for your next project. Our team of contractors offers experience in cabinetry, tile setting, appliance installation, electrical work, plumbing, heating, and more! We have more than 39 years of experience in servicing West Michigan.

Bathroom Remodeling

Do you feel your bathrooms could benefit from an upgrade or a remodel? With Professional Home Improvement, your bathroom can easily be turned into an oasis from the outside world when you work with our remodeling contractors.


Over time, your roof will begin to curl and buckle under the stress of protecting your home from the elements. As your roof ages, you may notice small problems emerging, such as leaks and cracks.


Over time your house's siding can look weathered and gray. That dull color doesn't do your house any justice, especially when establishing curb appeal against the competition on your city block. In the real estate game, potential home buyers make snap judgments about houses before they even walk through the door. Don't let your home pale compared to the others on the real estate market.


Has it been a while since you've had your gutters looked at? Over time your gutters can become battered from the harsh Michigan weather.

Window Replacement

Have you looked out your windows lately? Windows provide that much-needed view of the outdoors and help you keep track of your neighborhood's development. Have some beautiful flowers in the backyard?

If you are planning to remodel your home, feel free to contact us at our Comstock Park office at 616-784-5700. We have been in business for over 39 years, which makes us a reliable choice for your next home improvement project.